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 … about prinux in general

What is prinux?
prinux is one of the largest providers of corporate business cards in Europe and delivers exclusively to companies and organizations (B2B). One hundred percent of orders are processed online.

More than 1,400 companies, particularly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, are already using a prinux portal to order their business cards and other printed materials. This allows them to save time and effort: no more tedious back and forth correspondence by e-mail or fax. Every step is immediately processed on the web: data entry, print proof, and approval.

What separates prinux from other (online) printers?
prinux is the specialist for business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and stamps. And prinux is purely a business-to-business provider. Especially when it comes to business cards, having your own supplier definitely provides a number of advantages. Click here to compare.
Which problem does prinux solve?
Determining and coordinating the need for new business cards, gathering and organizing individual orders, sending requests to the printer, reviewing proofs, coordinating corrections internally . . . all of these steps require valuable work time and are prone to errors. Not to mention the long turnaround times. Whenever business cards are printed in bulk to save on costs, orders often take several weeks to be completed.

prinux makes getting business cards easier than ever. How it works: submit your templates once, have prinux set them up for free, and order whatever you need online, time after time.

You complete a one-time submission of your design template(s) to prinux. prinux sets up an online catalog of your corporate materials free of charge. After just a few days, your individual corporate business card can be ordered online.

You and your authorized employees then simply select the desired template using your web browser, enter the variable information (name, telephone number, etc.), and review the binding proof that appears immediately on the screen.

Who owns prinux?

prinux was founded in the year 2000 in Vienna by Kurt Egger and Klaus Lerch. The founders and owners continue to operate the company by themselves. Software development is performed primarily in-house, the same applies to part of the print production. Additionally, prinux works in cooperation with several carefully selected printers in order to guarantee ideal manufacturing processes and an optimal cost-benefit ratio for every product.

Where is prinux based?

The home office of prinux (prinux GmbH) and production facilities are located at Leopoldauer Strasse 179, 1210 Vienna, Austria, . The Swiss branch (prinux AG) is located at Starenstrasse 2, 4059 Basel. prinux products are manufactured at various locations and shipped worldwide.

How does prinux manage to combine high quality with low prices?

Small runs of printed materials by conventional offset printers are of good quality, but generally very expensive. On the other hand, copy stores offer low-cost alternatives, but they are usually not of high quality. prinux specializes in high-end corporate print products in small runs – and is particularly focused on business cards. Only the most modern, optimized, and automated processes are used to set up print templates, to do the actual print, and for finishing. This allows for a drastic reduction in manufacturing costs. Since you enter the text yourself using your web browser, typesetting costs are eliminated. Optimized logistics also ensure low prices and short delivery times, even for individual orders of only one box of 100 business cards.

… about prinux products

Does prinux only do business cards?
Business cards are the most important prinux product, because the ordering process for this products provides our clients with the greatest savings. After all, almost every company orders business cards several times a year, or even weekly.

Our standard products also include letterhead, envelopes, and stamps.

Many of our clients also order their own customized products at prinux. These items include forms, invoices, greeting cards, labels, and other materials. Feel free to contact us via e-mail at or by telephone at 0800 100 2280 to get more information. We will be pleased to provide you with a quote.


How can I be sure I will receive a quality product from prinux?
Delivering products of the highest quality is what prinux is all about – beginning with the actual print, to finishing, and finally packaging. Nonetheless, errors may sometimes occur, and this is where our customer satisfaction guarantee comes in: should you not be completely satisfied with your business cards, you can simply send the cards and invoice back to prinux with a brief explanation for your return. You may choose to receive a credit for the total amount of the order, or request a replacement.
How are the products packaged?

prinux_business card box

Business cards are delivered in a semi-transparent plastic box designed by prinux (1 box holds 75 – 100 cards, depending on card stock). This box doubles as a card holder that may be displayed on a desk. All other products are delivered in easy-to-handle cardboard boxes.

Why can't I find design templates on your site like at other online printers?
prinux specializes in corporate business cards. Companies and organizations generally have a specifically defined corporate design, so that standard templates would be of no use to them. prinux provides set-up of all desired templates for each individual customer. All you need to do is send prinux one or more samples (either in print or PDF format), and the prinux team makes all templates available to you in a customized, password-protected catalog. Click here to upload your templates and start a free trial.
Does prinux also take care of the design of my corporate printed materials?
No. prinux focuses on the print process, and optimized ordering processes. For design contracts, we recommend that you contact a graphic design company or advertising agency.

… about the ordering process

How do I place an order with prinux?
Prior to your first order, prinux sets up a customized corporate catalog for your company. This catalog contains your specific templates for business cards, letterhead, stamps, or any other requested materials. This one-time process takes approx. 3 days. Click here to learn more.

Once your catalog is set up, ordering is extremely simple and easy:
1. You select your desired product and appropriate design by clicking on a template.
2. You enter your personal information or other variable texts.

Learn more here.


How do I get confirmation of my order?
You will receive an e-mail confirmation for every order. (Please don’t forget to check your junk mail folder!) If you have not received a confirmation within one hour of submitting your order, your order may not have been successfully completed. Feel free to contact us by e-mail at or by telephone at: 0800-1002280 to inquire about the status of your order.
Will my previous orders be saved?
Yes. You can view all orders you have submitted with your user ID and may use these for identical re-orders, or as a sample for similar requests.
Can I save drafts and order them at a later date?
Yes. You can save any number of drafts, come back to continue editing them, or convert them to an order.
Can I forward drafts to colleagues or supervisors to get their approval?
Yes. prinux provides convenient ways to send drafts via e-mail for approval.
Can I also (re-)order by telephone or e-mail?
Generally not, since manual orders would generate additional costs that we do not wish to pass on to our customers. However, prinux offers convenient re-ordering functions that only require a few mouse clicks in your web browser.
Should you encounter any operating problems or require changes to your catalog (set-up of new templates or editing of existing ones), we will, of course, be available to help you by e-mail or telephone.
Can I change the billing or delivery address after I have completed my order?
No. The addresses you provided are automatically processed for billing and shipping. Please make sure you have selected the correct billing address and provided the complete shipping address prior to submitting your order. You can save and maintain a list of any number of addresses that you can access from your shopping cart.
Can I cancel a completed order?
No, and there is a simple reason for that. The automated production process begins shortly after submission of your online order, so that you can take delivery of your requested products quickly.
Can I integrate prinux into the procurement system used by my company?

Yes. prinux can be seamlessly connected to marketplaces such as DIG or integrated into SAP or other procurement systems. This option is of particular interest to larger companies. Click here to learn more.

… about payment


How do I pay at prinux?
prinux delivers to companies and organization on open account. Invoices are sent out by mail, separately from shipped product


How does the prinux customer satisfaction guarantee work?
With prinux, you pay after receipt of your order. Should you not be completely satisfied with the quality of one of your deliveries, you can simply return it to prinux and we will cancel the invoice for that particular product.

… about shipping


How long does it take to have an order ready to ship?
During weekdays, business cards are shipped out within 48 hours of receipt of order. Please see our individual product pages to learn more about delivery schedules for other products. Product is delivered to companies by parcel service, and to private individuals via mail. Delivery takes 1 to 3 business days. For details about shipping costs and delivery options, please click here.
How do I find out if my order has been shipped?
Shortly following transfer of your shipment to the package service, a shipping confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. This message also contains a link to track your package on the webpage of the respective package service.

For shipments by mail (for example, to private individuals), you will not receive a shipping confirmation. If you have not received your order by 7 days following submission of your order, please contact us by e-mail at or telephone at 0800-1002280 (toll free) to inquire about the status of your order.

What can I do if my order is extremely urgent?

For an additional cost, prinux can also deliver by courier service, so that urgently-needed business cards can arrive even faster. To get more information about the costs and approximate delivery times for rush deliveries, please click here. Please contact us by telephone prior to submitting your order to coordinate a fixed delivery time. You can reach us toll free at 0800-100 2280 (from Germany, Austria and Switzerland), or at +43 1 3532280.

Why are products on the same order delivered separately?

Not all products are completed on the same day or at the same facility. To get your order to you as quickly as possible, products are always shipped directly from the facility the day they are completed. You therefore receive separate packages for your business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. These shipping costs are invoiced at our own cost, and often below that.

Why is there no invoice with the product from prinux?

Most prinux products are shipped directly from the facility with only a packaging slip. Invoices are sent separately by mail.

Can I pick up my products at prinux myself?

Generally not, because many prinux products are not manufactured at the prinux home location in Vienna. The prinux office in Vienna therefore does not receive deliveries any earlier than you do via package service.

However, self pick-up at the Vienna office is available for rush orders of business cards upon prior coordination by telephone (Leopoldauer Strasse 179, 1210 Vienna, Mondays through Thursdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)  Please contact us by telephone prior to submitting your order at 0800 100 2280.

Can I have prinux products shipped in unmarked packages?

No, prinux is clearly indicated as the sender on all packages and packaging slips. If you are a reseller and do not wish to disclose the supplier to your customers, please have the shipment sent to you in order to then forward it with your own packaging and packaging slips.

… about the prinux business card portal (for self-procurement)

What is a prinux business card portal?

It is a website that your employees can access to order their own business cards. The site contains a catalog of templates and employees only have to enter their personal information (name, e-mail, etc.) into the template. The website is specifically set up for your company or organization by prinux.


How do I implement the prinux business card portal in my company?

First, prinux sets up a portal with your print templates. You then publish the link to your portal on your intranet, or send it out in an e-mail to your employees.

How do users access the business card portal?

Via a one-time password that is sent to a valid corporate e-mail address. This eliminates the need to maintain complicated user databases.

Can I integrate the portal into my SAP system?

Yes. If you wish, requisition requests, orders, and invoices can be automatically transferred to your procurement system. The prinux team will be pleased to provide detailed consulting services.

How do supervisors stay in control despite self-service capabilities?

Through a paperless authorization workflow, or a summary of orders after the fact.

What is the cost of a prinux business card portal?

Nothing. prinux sets up the portal, including catalog of templates and co-branding free of charge. You only pay for the products you order.

Not able to find an answer to your question? Please give us a call at (0800 100 2280 or +43-1-3532280) or send us a message:


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