Order business cards?
It’s self-service now!

Purchasing specialists have more important things to do than order business cards. In the future, all employees will be able to take care of that themselves. Quickly and easily – but still under total control of the purchasing department. With the new prinux business card portal.

The problem

Ordering business cards is tedious, time consuming, and expensive

Ordering business cards is tedious, time consuming, and expensive
Getting new business cards to the desk of an employee requires many steps, and the purchase involves a great deal of minutiae:

The need for more business cards is reported and reviewed through administrative processes. Multiple orders are collected and sent on to the supplier. Proofs of the new cards, in turn, have to be distributed internally, reviewed, and approved. The same applies to the corresponding invoices.

When calculating the time required to complete all these steps, the ordering process is often more expensive than the product itself, i.e., a box of 100 business cards

The solution

The prinux portal drastically simplifies the process

prinux, the specialist for business cards with more than 1,400 business customers throughout Europe, recognizes these problems – and solves them with the prinux portal for companies, drastically simplifying procurement.

prinux is your one-stop provider for everything: the order portal, set-up (portal and template(s)), continuous maintenance of your templates, and, of course, the printed business cards themselves – delivered quickly and reliably throughout all of Europe.

The idea

All employees order their own business cards themselves

In the amount of time spent reporting the need for new business cards, an employee can simply order them for himself or herself online – this is the concept behind self-procurement, as provided by the prinux portal.

A thought-out, secure, and, most importantly, easy-to-use system ensures that the self-service concept can be implemented without employee training, and that every order is completed within a few minutes – including proofs and their approval.

The catalog

All templates are available from a central location – always updated and CD-conforming

A primary element of the prinux portal is the online catalog: this is where all printed materials are made available to your employees – access may be limited to just one type of business card or a variety of cards, or may encompass additional printed items, for example letterhead, envelopes, notepads, and greeting cards.

prinux takes care of the template set up: you just need to provide a one-time PDF-file, or other format, for example Adobe InDesign.

The person placing the order can change text online, for instance, enter another name on a business card. When necessary, the layout adjusts to the amount of text entered, but it always stays the same as a whole, guaranteeing consistency in your corporate design.

If there are any changes in the corporate design, the new templates will be available company-wide immediately.

The roll-out

One e-mail to all employees is sufficient – or a link in your intranet

One e-mail to all employees is sufficient – or a link in your intranet
Once the online catalog is set up, everything is ready to go: any number of your employees can now order business cards on their own.

The roll-out is easy, and is the same whether for 20 or 20,000 employees. One e-mail or one intranet entry with a link to the prinux portal gets the job done. Placing an order does not require a registration, only a valid corporate e-mail.

The concept is simple: The employee accesses the portal, enters his/her e-mail address, and then receives a one-time password that is sent to the e-mail address provided.

The expensive task of maintaining a user database or a connection to third-party systems is thus no longer necessary. As soon as an e-mail is deactivated (if an employee leaves the company), no further ordering is possible.

The order

It’s never been this fast or easy

The order is completed with just a few mouse clicks: choose template, enter variable information (type in name, select location from drop down menu), choose quantity, done! Re-ordering cards that have already been printed is even easier, since no data entry is required.

The user interface is available in German and English, and other languages upon request. The system supports both fixed and variable shipping and invoicing addresses. The prinux portal is thus ideal for internationally-operating companies with many location.

The proof

The on-line preview shows exactly what will be printed

Employees can review the product: the online preview shows an image of the business card exactly the way it will be printed within seconds. This allows potential typos to be easily recognized and corrected. The usual traffic of e-mails between customer and printer to approve a proof is completely eliminated.

The controls

You determine who can order and what can be ordered

While we want to simplify the ordering process, we also want to make sure that adequate controls are in place. The one-time password system ensures that only employees with a valid corporate e-mail address can place an order.

Other options include an authorization workflow in which the Purchasing Manager, or the employee’s supervisor has to approve the order.

This process has also been logically designed: The authorizer receives an e-mail notice regarding the order and approves or declines the order with one mouse click. If the order is declined, the employee who originally placed the order is notified.

This workflow can also be utilized to get approval from the employee who needs the cards: this allows administrative assistants to order business cards for several individuals and request approval of content digitally.

The overview

Your Purchasing Manager has a constant overview of who ordered what and when

In addition to the authorization workflows, the system also provides authorized administrators with a summary of all orders: all orders submitted to date are clearly outlined, including shipping information and delivery confirmation.

The SAP-link

The prinux solution also serves as portal for SAP orders

The prinux solution also serves as portal for SAP orders
If your company uses SAP for orders, the prinux portal can serve as a preliminary ordering platform. Employees who only order business cards then do not have to get SAP authorization and deal with the SAP ordering process.

In this case, the order is prepared as described in the foregoing text. It is then forwarded to someone authorized to place SAP orders, and this person submits the final order. Communication between the prinux portal and the SAP system is seamless.

If the order is declined, the employee who originally requested the cards is notified – so there are no loose ends.

The Start

Your portal is ready in just a few days – no costs, no risks, and no IT projects

The prinux portal has been implemented at numerous companies and organizations. It was developed so that each prinux customer can introduce it quickly and easily.

That is why prinux makes the portal available to you completely free of charge: you do not have to pay for portal set-up, connection to (standard) SAP systems, set-up of your templates, nor ongoing operation or support. You pay only for the printed materials you order.

To introduce the prinux portal into your company, you do not have to invest in new infrastructure, nor do you have to involve your IT department (exception: connection to your SAP system).

Our recommendation: launch a small pilot project, just for one location or department. In just a few days, you will experience the ease and efficiency of the prinux portal for yourself.

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