Are you looking for really thick and heavy business cards that are eye-catching, durable and affordable, even for companies with a lot of employees? Then the latest prinux product could be something for you: rounded cards, printed on extremely strong 700 (!) gsm illustration printing paper.


The thicker, the better – that’s one of the trends on the business card market. Some suppliers have responded to this with multilayer business cards (e.g. “multiloft” with a colored core), which certainly look very good, but are quite sensitive – and pretty expensive. In addition, the rough surface of multiloft cards may be welcome in many cases, but not in all.

prinux now introduces a new alternative that impresses with countless advantages:

  • Extremely thick, strong illustration printing paper: with a grammage of approx. 700g/m2, it is twice as strong as the usual 350g cardboard. One business card is approx. 0.9 mm thick.
  • Excellent printing: The cards are printed on both sides in 4 colours on the most modern machines.
  • Premium, homogenous and robust finish: Due to the matte cellophane coating, the cards do not only look very elegant, they are optimally protected against damage, soiling, staining, rubbing etc.
  • Rounded corners: The cards are precisely rounded (radius approx. 4 mm), which provides a special look, similar to a credit card. This manufacturing process also eliminates chipped corners, that can quickly make a business card look unappealing and shabby.
  • Low price: Our 700g cards are surprisingly inexpensive, making this type of production suitable for companies that need to equip a large number of employees with business cards.

Interested? Then simply request a free sample without any obligation and/or let us prepare a customised offer for your company (please mention the keyword “700g” in the form):