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prinux provides self-inking, highly-practical stamp product lines by the name brand manufacturer, Trodat:
  • Printy is the name of the popular stamps featuring a plastic mechanism. They are particularly well-suited for private individuals, or occasional use.

  • Professional Line features extremely stable, ergonomic, and durable stamps with a steel core.

  • Date stamps can print a combination of text and date. The date is in a fixed position, but the space above or below can be customized to your needs.

Stamps are available in red, blue, green, and purple (= color of the built-in ink pad). Various texts or simple graphics and logos can serve as templates (no photos).


Core, including stamp plate with text or logo + text or date mechanism (model 5440). All prices exclude applicable sales tax.
ProductSize of stamp platePrice
Trodat Printy 491138 x 14 mm21.50
Trodat Printy 491247 x 18 mm29.00
Trodat Printy 491358 x 22 mm37.50
Trodat Printy 491570 x 25 mm46.15
Trodat Printy 492675 x 38 mm51.00
Trodat Printy 492760 x 40 mm49.00
Trodat Prof. Line 520041 x 24 mm39.50
Trodat Prof. Line 520349 x 28 mm47.50
Trodat Prof. Line 520456 x 26 mm50.00
Trodat Prof. Line 520568 x 24 mm58.00
Trodat Prof. Line 520656 x 33 mm58.00
Trodat Prof. Line 520760 x 40 mm65.00
Trodat Prof. Line 520868 x 47 mm79.50
Trodat Prof. Line 5440 Dater49 x 28 mm69.00