Specialist instead of all-rounder:
Why you need an expert for business cards

Business cards are truly special print products — and therefore require a special provider. Find out here how prinux exceeds traditional print shops — and even conventional online printers.

Conventional offline printers are only rarely equipped to handle business cards efficiently. They therefore consider the small cards to be an unpopular and unprofitable side business. Conventional online printers, on the other hand, tend to concentrate on graphic designers, advertising agencies, and private individuals, not corporate clients. These printers generally only offer standard templates for business cards, or you have to upload a print-ready PDF or logo every time you wish to place an order. prinux bridges this gap and provides long-term, optimized solutions for corporate business cards. Compare for yourself:


Specialized in corporate business cardsJA
Own business card production in-houseJA?JA
More than 1,400 corporate customers continually servicedJA??
Free trial orderJA
Personal consulting by telephone (no call center)JAJA
Shipping within 1-2 business days at no additional costJA
Customized corporate business card shop with password protectionJA
Efficient ordering platform optimized for business cardsJA
Easy user administration for self-procurementJA
Paperless workflow for internal approval/authorizationJA
Free connection to your ordering platform (for example, SAP)JA
Professional print quality with the tightest tolerancesJA??
High color consistency from one order to the nextJAJA
Great selection of card stockJAJA?
Every delivery in free plastic business card boxJA??
Automatic QR Code generation availableJA
Special colors and coatings availableJAJA?
Embossing and die-cutting availableJAJA
No costs for software, configurations, or IT projectsJAJA
Free set up and maintenance of unlimited number of templatesJA
Low, fixed price – even for small ordersJAJA
Delivery throughout Europe at low ratesJA