Minimalist gloss:
Business cards with white lacquer on black paper

Sometimes you don’t need any colour at all, just white and black – but in perfection. Just like these exclusive business cards, for which an opaque white, slightly raised gloss varnish is printed on a black cardboard. Since the paper is completely dyed through, the edges are also jet black – and they remain so even when subjected to heavy use.


  • 85 x 55 mm
  • 90 x 50 mm


  • Black cardboard, 330gsm


  • Glossy white, opaque lacquer

Special features

  • light 3D effect due to thick lacquer layer
  • even if the card is damaged, no white paper edges will be visible, because a solid-coloured cardboard is used
  • printed on one side only – on the back side the printed image may appear slightly pressed into the cardboard
  • not suitable for very fine scripts (< 8 to 9 pt) and very thin lines (< 0.5 pt)

Minimum order quantity

  • 100 cards per name

Delivery time

  • 14 working days


  • 3D varnish (colour print + transparent varnish on white paper)