The name gives it away: Fedrigoni’s premium cardboard “Old Mill” looks a little retro – and that’s exactly what’s so beautiful about it. This great material is now part of the standard range at prinux.


“Old Mill” is a special paper that may only make a real impression at second glance. It’s felt structure is rather discreet, but looks all the more noble. When the light falls on a card at a slight angle, the beautiful structure is clearly visible. But even more convincing than the look is the feel: business cards made of this cardboard are simply incredibly pleasant to touch. In addition, even the 300g version is very voluminous, stiff and stable – an ideal choice for luxurious business cards, both for companies and for freelancers and private individuals.

“Old Mill Bianco” – the color variant used by prinux – is pleasantly warm white. This – together with the rough structure – creates a certain retro look that is reminiscent of classic letterpress paper. prinux however, prints “Old Mill” in digital offset printing, for which the paper is explicitly certified. The result: despite the uncoated surface, the business cards captivate with deep black texts, smooth surfaces, as well as bright colors and high contrasts. An effect that cannot be achieved in classic offset printing. (More about print quality: 5 important criteria.)

“Old Mill” is of course produced elemental chlorine free (ECF), is FSC-certified, acid-free and particularly durable ( in accordance to ISO 9706).

Incidentally, the manufacturer Fedrigoni has been in the paper business since 1717: the traditional family business built its first paper mill in Verona in 1888 and is now the largest fine paper manufacturer in Italy.

Free business card samples

Old Mill is only one of many high-quality board grades that prinux uses for business cards. Do you want to see and most importantly feel the prinux business card cartons in the original? Then ask for free samples. We look forward to your request.