No more typing:
Business cards with QR code

The haptic and visual quality of a business card is still higly valued despite digitalization – but nobody wants to waste time typing contact data anymore. And no one needs to: Simply scan the QR code on the business card – and all data is stored as a smartphone contact.


  • 85 x 54 mm (european standard)
  • 89 x 50 mm (US standard)


  • Every paper from the standard prinux range


  • 4-colour CMYK
  • HKS

Even the QR Code itself does not have to be black, it can be printed in any colour.

Special features and notes

  • The QR code is automatically generated by prinux during input. All the fields that you specify are transferred. Less important information (e.g. the fax number) can be omitted so as not to overload the code.
  • The QR code contains the contact data in VCard format, which is supported by all common smartphone contact apps.
  • No additional costs are incurred by prinux for the QR code itself; it is integrated into the template for you and is generated automatically with every order. Only if you used to have 1-sided cards and now need double-sided printing, the printing costs will be slightly higher.
  • For scanning the recipient only needs the camera app (the iPhone camera automatically recognizes the QR code) or a scan app (e.g. Lightning QR for Android)
  • The QR code is usually placed on the back of the business card. If there is enough space and the graphic design allows it, it can of course also be placed on the front (text side).
  • A coloured logo can also be integrated into the QR code
    As minimum size of the QR Code we recommend 18 x 18 mm. The more information the code should contain, the larger the image should be.

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Minimum order quantity

  • 75 or 100 cards per name (depending on the paper)

Delivery time

  • 3 to 4 working days

Optional finishing options

  • Can be combined with most finshings or embellishments, but the QR Code itself should not be varnished or embossed