Many customers have asked for it – now it’s here: the sustainable prinux ECO business card box. It can not only be recycled after use, but is itself made of 100% recycled corrugated board. It couldn’t be more environmentally friendly. And at the same time the new box is extremely stable and practical.
The prinux team spent several months thinking, tinkering and testing: How can business cards be packaged in an environmentally friendly yet fast, safe and customer-friendly way? Ready-made solutions – such as simple cardboard boxes with a “peephole” or two-piece boxes – did not convince us.

We did not want to make any compromises and wanted to combine the following features:

  • Highest stability, so that your business cards always arrive undamaged
  • Direct view of the card – especially of the name on the business card – in a closed state, so that there is no confusion either during dispatch or during internal distribution of the boxes. (This is no problem with the plastic boxes, since they are transparent).
  • Quick filling, so that the delivery times remain as short as usual
  • Use of 100% recycled material as well as 100% recyclability or complete harmlessness if the box – for whatever reason – ends up in residual waste.
  • Easy opening and closing of the boxes in daily use
  • Attractive design

The new prinux business card box ECO meets all these requirements:

  • Sturdy corrugated board protects your cards optimally.
  • One card per box is inserted into special outer flaps where it remains fixed without further fastening and from which it can be removed without damage – after all, every single business card is valuable. The narrow bars hardly ever cover the name on the card, so that a clear identification of the contents is no problem.
  • Like the classic prinux business card box made of plastic, the ECO version is made in one piece and can be closed in a flash.
  • The corrugated cardboard used is made of recycled paper and also extremely easy to recycle: just throw it into the waste paper bin and you’re done. The box does not contain any glue, foil, staples or other components that could complicate the recycling process.
  • The hinged lid snaps securely into place via a click mechanism, but can be opened again effortlessly.
  • Last but not least, we also find our ECO-Box visually appealing. At the moment it is still blank, but that could change in the near future.

How do you switch to the ECO-Box?

As much as we are happy about the new prinux business card box ECO, we do not want to demonize our classic box made of transparent plastic. It is extremely practical and – in contrast to the cardboard version – can also be used from a table stand. And as we hear from our customers, very few of them end up in the trash: they are very often used as containers for received business cards, paper clips and other small items and thus find their “second life” – similar to a shopping bag that is used several times.

So the prinux box made of plastic will continue to exist, and for the time being it will also remain the standard packaging for our business cards.

We leave it up to you, our customers, to decide: If you do nothing, you will receive the cards in the plastic box as usual. If you want to switch to the corrugated cardboard ECO-Box, just let us know: a short e-mail to is sufficient.  The price will not change due to the changeover.