Business cards with coloured edges are unbeatably elegant – and now finally affordable: Thanks to a new printing process prinux offers cards with coloured edges at stunning prices.

The trend towards particularly fine and high-quality business cards is getting stronger and stronger: Whether it be special papers, spot colours, imprinting or 3D varnish – more and more companies want to send a signal with their employees’ business cards: “We pay great attention to quality”.

It’s no wonder that a very old form of finishing, which was previously mainly used for books, is now revived: the coloured edges. Here, the cut edges are dyed so that a business card stack has a coloured side surface. This effect can even be seen on one single business card. The thicker the paper, the clearer.

While gold was often chosen as the edge colour for books, it is usually the primary corporate colour for company business cards, matching the logo and the overall corporate design.

No matter how refined and cool business cards with colored edges may look, they have had one major drawback so far: the price. Until recently, a lot of manual work was required for this type of finishing, so that the card price was deterrent, especially for small print runs. But this is now over: New, digital printing processes have finally revolutionized color-cut production and prinux is happy to pass the achieved savings to its customers.

100 cards with color separation from EUR 89.-

For example, 100 business cards with color separation are now available from EUR 89 (excl. shipping and excluding VAT). For larger quantities, the price per card becomes even cheaper. Extra-thick, extra-stiff color-cut business cards as well as cards with embossing and color-cut are a little more expensive, but still affordable. The actual prices depend on the type of paper selected and, last but not least, on the total annual quantity. The more employees you provide with colour-cut business cards, the lower the additional costs. Nevertheless, you don’t have to organize laborious collective orders – as is usual with prinux – but can also re-order individual grades at any time. Thanks to the digital production process you always get the same low price per card set.

So color-cut business cards are no longer an overpriced gimmick but a great and affordable alternative for companies, organizations and freelancers.

Easy to mistake

By the way: As you can see on the photo above, in real colour-cut business cards, the whole side edge of the box is coloured, not just a line in the middle. Thereby, they differ from the often offered multiloft cards, where three layers of paper (white on the outside, coloured on the inside) are glued together. This is also nice, but not a colour cut in the classic sense – and not cheap either. And there is another difference: While only a few colors are available with Multiloft, prinux allows the color cut to be defined with any CYMK value.

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