The most beautiful cuts:
Business cards with coloured edges

Should business cards look great even when viewed from the sides, then a so-called colour cut is usually involved: the edges are printed with colour and thus enable an additional design element.


  • 85 x 54 mm (European de-facto-standard)
  • 89 x 50 mm (US format)


  • Metapaper Extra Rough Coldwhite 350g/m2
  • Splendorgel 400g/m2 (uncoated, satin finish)
  • Metapaper Extra Rough White 480g/m2 (Multiloft, 2 x 240 g/m2, two-layered), especially stiff; on the wide paper edge the colour cut is particularly striking


  • Front and back of the business card: 4-colour CMYK to 7-colour
  • Edges: 4-colour CMYK


  • A minimum paper thickness of 350g/m2 (for uncoated paper such as Metapaper Extrarough and Splendorgel) is required.

Minimum order quantity

  • 100 cards per type (= 100 cards per name)

Delivery time

  • approx. 12 working days
  • shorter delivery times in case of recurring demand possible by agreement